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World class experience matching the best universities in India

Sanskriti University has a lush green campus spread across 40 acres of land on National Highway NH-2, just about 100 km from Delhi at Chhata, Mathura. The state-of-the-art laboratories and hi-tech libraries match and exceed the standards of the best universities in India. The lecture halls, seminar halls and classrooms provide an environment conducive for immersive learning and academic thought and application. The well spread out campus gives enough breathing space, adds aesthetic charm and harmonizes the nature with our minds. On the count of serenity and charm, Sanskriti campus would any day beat the top universities and top colleges in India.

The central library, along with departmental libraries, is well-stocked with books written by eminent national and international authors. Even the top colleges in India often fall short of expectations when it comes to the number of copies available for the key books authored by International academicians often recommended by the teachers to the students. Taking note of this potential problem, the management has ensured that sufficient count of books is available at all times. It is not difficult to understand how important the count of books is. Take this scenario as an example to demonstrate its importance.

A teacher finished a lecture and asked the students to research on the topic explained that day to prepare a research paper. The teacher gives a list of reference books by foreign authors to study and refer. For a batch of, say, 60 students referencing the same books presents a challenge to the librarian to make those books available in requisite quantities. Thus for a university that delivers to the needs of thousands of its students, a well-stocked library is crucial. The best universities in India are often rated by the quality of their libraries.

There is a spacious, air-conditioned reading room with comfortable chairs and well-sized tables that can accommodate 100+ students at any point of time. The library staff, with the cooperation of students, ensures that silence is maintained in the reading room. The libraries provide accessibility to a rich collection of print and non-print, primary and secondary material from various disciplines of study. This collection is a unique one and not usually found even at the best colleges in India.

With membership of DELNET, the digital library hosted via cloud computing, access to numerous bibliographic records/periodicals/CD Rom/e-books is possible 24*7.

Facilities at Sanskriti campus are supported by:

Ultra high speed Wi-Fi connectivity

Massive bandwidth and dedicated leased line for uninterrupted digital experience

For high quality exposure to learning, Sanskriti provides the following:

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) lectures provide e-learning through video projection in engineering and allied subjects.

Virtual Labs provide students an exposure of performance of machinery and equipments in operation in the industry with visual aids

Research The students at under-graduate and post-graduate levels are encouraged to conduct research in various disciplines under expert guidance of competent professors0

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