It has been perennially found that the students' community flock together in groups amongst classmates and other friends of the same educational establishment after routine classes for unwinding. Such meetings / get-togethers help in breaking the monotony of successive classroom lectures attended during the day. Also, meeting at hang-outs gives the students an opportunity to refresh themselves in a group and, as the proverb goes, ‘raising storm over a cup of tea’ on various divergent topics ranging from art and culture to sports, music, politics etc.

These meetings points / joints are typically known as hang-outs where the students want to spend as much time as they can - for both enjoyment and unwinding / release of stress.

The students of Sanskriti are no different and, at leisure time, they also wish to hang-out:

  • Within the campus premises in canteen or rumpus
  • In malls and other shopping centres in the town of Mathura.

Canteen : Sanskriti has a canteen that can accommodate around 100 students at any point of time for refreshment, lunch etc. Quality control is being exercised by the competent staff to ensure that the food stuff served to the students is tasty and hygienic. The rates of the items are reasonable. The canteen has sufficient space and the furniture is well laid out for comfortable seating. The entire campus is ‘no smoking zone’ and strict vigil is being maintained in the cafeteria for prohibiting the students from smoking or consuming tobacco in any form. The kitchen of the cafeteria is maintained clean and the raw materials / oils used for preparation of food items are being regularly checked by the experienced staff of Sanskriti.

Rumpus : It is a well-designed, well-decorated joint within the campus that has chairs and tables laid out in a systematic pattern where the students can comfortably sit, talk and take food in groups of 4/6. It has a kitchen which is always kept clean and the foods prepared are hygienic and tasty. The ambience attracts the students and they want to spend available time in the rumpus discussing about the topics of interest. The complex is spacious, air-conditioned and well-illuminated.

Off-campus hang-outs : Occasionally, the students are found to visit Highway Plaza (on Agra-Mathura Highway NH-2) where popular restaurants like Cafe Coffee Day, Pizza Hut, Dominos etc. are located. Besides these popular restaurants, the shopping mall located at Highway Plaza and other places are also visited by the students either for window shopping or for genuine purchases.

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