Arts and Culture

Art and culture is an integral part of human society. Evolution of society is associated with the development of art and culture. The progress of India towards developed economy (at present developing economy) warrants wholesome development that includes showcasing its growth in art and culture as well. India is well-known for its tradition and contribution to the world in the field of art and culture and the tradition is being followed by the people of the present era.

Sanskriti realizes the value and importance of art and culture and accordingly takes various measures to ensure that the students and the teachers involve themselves extensively in promoting art and culture.

Art and culture encompasses a vast area and the efforts of Sanskriti team is directed towards focusing on those areas of art and culture which are appreciated by students and teachers alike. The specific areas in which Sanskriti team takes part are sports, music & dance, debates, paper presentations, exhibitions etc.

Sanskriti organizes annual art and culture festival at its campus. During the festival, the students and teachers of Sanskriti participate in various events. Model exhibition is also organized where the students of various disciplines exhibit models designed by them that speak volume about their talent. To make the festival more competitive, students from different colleges / universities in and around Mathura region are also invited to take part in these events.

Sanskriti also organizes painting competitions for students of different age-groups to give them an opportunity to express their creativity on the canvas.

It also organizes inter-school quiz competitions where the meritorious students from different reputed schools from Mathura / Agra and other districts of U.P. and also adjoining states of Haryana and Rajasthan compete with their knowledge and swiftness of mental reflex.

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