Exchange Programs

Sanskriti has already signed MOUs with the following universities :

One of the clauses incorporated in each MOU is 'student exchange programme'. The rationale behind such incorporation is to provide the following benefits to the students of Sanskriti:-

  • Learning opportunities - We all know there is no end to learning. Every new environment, new system, new teachers, new pedagogy etc. provides an opportunity to the students to learn. While in an exchange programme, students can learn a lot from a different country operating in a different business environment and this learning gets transformed into knowledge which is a lifetime asset.
  • Development of self-awareness - While interacting in a new environment, one has to be aware of various rules, regulations, procedures etc. followed in the host country and this helps in self-development which becomes an integral part of the personality.
  • Generation of confidence that helps a student to confront challenges and resolve problems in a satisfactory manner - In a foreign environment, assistance is not readily available to resolve many problems and every student is forced to learn to solve the problems themselves. This process of self-help leads to generation of self-confidence which is an important facet of personality.
  • Allows access to specific courses not available in the home country.
  • Learning in a new environment.
  • Increases adaptability and flexibility.
  • Acceptance by foreign employers on the basis of experience gained during such exchange programmes.
  • Opportunities for 'hands-on' learning which is of great importance - education system in India is heavily skewed towards theoretical learning process whereas the corporate sector assigns higher weightage towards employability for candidates with practical knowledge in operation of equipments, machines etc.
  • In this era of globalization, where the workforce in any industry is a conglomeration of employees from various countries and different environments, exposure to similar environment while undergoing the exchange programme gives a high degree of comfort to students for adoption in a heterogeneous environment and operates in a cohesive manner.

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