Centre of Excellence -  Inauguration 4th July 2018 (Wed) Centre of Excellence on CNC
Faculty Orientation Programme 19th July -20th July 2018 (Thurs - Fri) Faculty Orientation Programme ( All faculty members)
Registration for Odd Semester - 2018 10th August 2018 (Fri) Course Registration Form to be filled by 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year students of all programmes
Commencement of Classes Senior students 10th August 2018 (Fri) For 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year students of all programmes
Independence Day 15th August 2018 (Wed) Celebration at University Campus
Registration for Odd Semester - 2018 (First Year) 16th  August 2018 (Thu) Course Registration Form to be filled by all new students
Commencement of Classes for New Students 16th  August 2018 (Thu) All 1st year students of University
Orientation Programme 17th  August 2018 (Fri) For all 1st Year students
Raksha Bandhan 26th August 2018 (Sun) Holiday
Janmasthami 3rd September 2018 (Mon) Holiday
Teachers' day 5th September 2018 (Wed) Teachers day celebration
Freshers' Day 15th September 2018 (Sat) Freshers' Party - II
Freshers' Day 22nd September 2018 (Sat) Freshers' Party - III
Freshers' Day 29th September 2018 (Sat) Freshers' Party - I
Foundation Day 30th September 2018 (Sun) Celebration
Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October 2018 (Tue) Holiday
Internal Examination - I ( for semester based pattern) 1st-5th october 2018 (Mon – Fri) Schools will  conduct Internal Examination
DurgaPooja 18th - 21st October 2018 ( Thu - Sun) Holidays
Guest lecture  by eminent personality 23rd October 2018 (Tue) "My Mind, My Views"- series of lectures
Diwali 5th - 11th November 2018 (Mon-Sun) Holidays
Internal Examination - II (Semester based programmes) / Internal Examination - I(Annual based pattern) 16th – 20th November  2018 (Fri - Tue) Schools will be conducting Internal Examination
Display of Eligible students list (for Semester based programmes) 30th November 2018 (Fri) Issue of Admit Card
Internal Lab Assessment ( Semester  Programmes) 30th November - 5th December 2018 (Fri-Wed) Sessional Practicals of various Schools
Convocation November / December  2018 / January 2019 First University Convocation
Faculty Development Programme 3rd - 4th December 2018 (Mon - Tue) For All Faculty Members
Management Development Programme 6th - 7th  December 2018 (Thu-Fri) For Participants from Industry and Academics
Semester End Examination (Semester Based Programmes) for Laboratory Courses 6th -10th December 2018 (Thu-Mon) Schedule of examination shall be prepared and notified by COE and examination shall be organized by the respective school
Semester End Examination -Theory Courses 11th -24th December 2018 (Tue-Mon) Schedule of examination shall be prepared and examinations will be organized by COE
Winter Break for Students 25th December 2018- 1st January 2019 Holidays
Online Admission