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Corporate Social Responsibility

The society is a union of human beings living together as an entity meeting the norms and ethical standards set by the society itself for its existence and development. The welfare activities of the society have to be undertaken by the members of the society who have binding responsibility to serve the society in a manner that can result in well-being of its members.

In the corporate world and the academic universe, the responsibility of serving the society in various ways – adoption of villages, running an NGO, running a trust for helping the poor etc. – lies with the organizations/institutions. It is academicians who have to play a major role in upliftment of the society that attaches a lot of importance to its role in social upliftment.

Sanskriti University attaches utmost importance to the fact that being a university, custodian of an institution dedicated to a noble profession, it has a responsibility towards the society.

corporate social responsibilty
corporate social responsibilty
The Sanskriti University will be staring a school very soon for teaching differently abled children from Vrindavan and adjoining areas. The classes will be held at Campus-II with all requisite facilities including appointment of well qualified and experienced teachers, classrooms with all modern fittings and fixtures, whiteboards/green boards, facilities for OHP, LCD projectors etc. The University will be ferrying the students to-and-fro in their own buses and providing free lunch. No tuition fee or transportation fee will be charged to the students. Befitting curriculum has been developed for these students. Besides, the university is providing assistance to the widows of Vrindavan who need assistance as they have no source of income. They also operate a school by the name ‘Vision School’ dedicated towards education of special and differently abled students.