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Sanskriti University is poised to be ranked among the best private universities in UP, Delhi NCR and elsewhere in India

Sanskriti University is duty bound to imbibe the highest academic and professional standards. The vision is to work to the international standards and global recognition through exceptional academics, practical learning facilities and transformative experience to students. That has already happened through a world class US accreditation but there is a lot more appetite in our Academia to rise to the top of the quality pyramid.

At a more micro level, we sincerely mean to get ranked as one of the best private universities in Delhi NCR, UP and elsewhere in India. Our Education Strategy places students at the centre, engaging them in collaborative learning in a supportive and well-resourced academic environment which is greater in scale than even the best universities in Delhi NCR and across India.

Sanskriti aims to enhance the quality of student learning through investment in the learning environment as well as bringing on board the best intellectual capital.

The focus on quality is at the center-stage of our go-to-market strategy. While competing with the best colleges in Delhi NCR and nationwide too, we realized that the top private universities in Delhi NCR and elsewhere had one thing in common – exceptional standards of quality in key parameters. The best private colleges, particularly in Delhi NCR, have been traditionally known to possess the best teachers. However even the best colleges in Delhi are unable to match the global standards of infrastructure due to lack of intention and procrastinated attitudes of top management. In a nutshell, the top universities in Delhi NCR have become satisfied with what they’ve achieved as a brand, which is a big loss for the upcoming generations of bright students for obvious reasons. The truth is not very different for other nationally renowned institutions across the rest of India.

Come to Sanskriti University, where the management has invested heavily in creating truly global and world class infrastructure. They’ve toiled hard to bring on board the best teachers, academicians and industry professionals to successfully compete with the top universities in Delhi NCR, UP and rest of India. The fruits of our ambitious vision and complimenting efforts are evident from the fact that we’ve been nationally recognized as one of the best universities in Delhi NCR, UP and India. See our current Rankings and Awards.

The University's arrangements for quality assurance and enhancement are described in the Academic Quality Enhancement Framework. It explains what we do, why we do it and how it is done.

We believe that quality enhancement and assurance is a collective responsibility. It is the vision, thought and application of the Academia in leadership roles in delivering a fertile environment that nurtures creativity and fosters innovation. It is the professionalism and creativity of the faculty that makes the most vital contribution in delivering a world class experience to the students. It is the spirit of students to work tirelessly in the smartest manner possible, by making use of inspiration from teachers and the host of facilities, to achieve great success in their lives. When all of this is achieved, true quality is delivered.

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