Message from the Registrar

I, joyfully welcome you all: my dear brilliant students already enrolled and many more aspirant meritorious ones, cordially awaited to join us at the picturesque University campus in this Holy City, Mathura.

As, future leaders of this great nation, you will be imparted here education in its truest form and intent, and when I say so towards the threshold of my five decade as a person and further fortified by the inspirational words of our first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, When he said- We live in a Wonderful World, That is full of Beauty, Charm & Adventure. This is literally true for this University.

In our efforts to deliver quality & career led education, we put more emphasis on determining one to one contact and also be very much attentive to vital needs of each student. Our faculty team relentlessly monitors progress of every student and guide them accordingly on the way to achieve all success in their life and career ahead.

I look forward to be a humble partner with you all and your dedicated caring parents so sincerely devoted to see you at the highest point of your career-formation edifice decorated with the richest possible human values (Sanskriti).

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