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“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation… We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”
- Aristotle

Dr. Abhay Kumar Pro Vice Chancellor of Sanskriti University

Dr. Abhay Kumar

Pro Vice Chancellor - Sanskriti University

We at Sanskriti University understand the enormous and evolving challenges in today’s fast paced global economy.We are also amongst the first few to understand that the rapid growth around the world demands an individual to be innovative, to question the status quo & to compete par excellence. We ensure that the competitiveness of today backed by the zeal to excel sets ground and develops educated & skill equipped professionals from a much higher perspective than ever before.

With excellence being the keyword to sustainability and with benchmarks set beyond the horizons, I now proudly welcome you to Sanskriti University - a world class knowledge enterprise renowned for academic and professional excellence!

At Sanskriti we are dedicated to the cause of imparting education in spirit & execution, beyond the best. Our purpose is to prepare the students to gather expertise in their chosen field, enabling them to take on challenges the day they step out of the precinct of this Gurukul and into the competitive world. We teach students to think deeply and broadly while being creative and analytical—to seek out new ideas every day and to become lifelong learners in the backdrop of our serene surroundings. We understand that the present is here and the future soon unfolds bringing forth the essence to evolve and understand. The requirement is of education par excellence, education which moves out of the traditional shackles of the class room rote learning and imbibes a holistic and experiential approach. We provide ample educational opportunities, which are one of the most fundamental obligations each generation owes to the ones that follow. Learner-centred pedagogy, emphasis on experiential learning and inculcation of social values, has resulted in numerous innovations in our curriculum and teaching-learning processes which allows us to produce leaders who are engaged with urgent social and ethical challenges in business and society.

Here we provide opportunities to work on live projects and gain internship in leading companies. This gets students acquainted with best global business practices and prepares them as future business leaders. Organizing and participating in various co-curricular activities enables students to acquire analytical abilities and hone their managerial skills. We have a dedicated pool of highly qualified, motivated, world-class faculty members to assist the students in acquiring, sharpening and show casing their talent. Our faculty has an aptitude to develop the skills in students and our dedicated staff is ever-ready to provide professional service. We are confident we can contribute to resolving the challenges of today by fostering innovative and responsible decision making in our students for the future.

Our goal is to make a difference to our students, our community, and the world by addressing the critical issues of our time: globalization and emerging markets; technological change; and ethical, social and environmental challenges. We firmly believe that our students will contribute to building a more sustainable world.

We have a vibrant student population and students look back at their alma mater with pride and contentment & parents can see nurturing of young minds to smart individuals. Prospective students, if these commitments resonate with you and reflect the kind of learnings you would like to undergo; Sanskriti University, I assure you, is the right destination. I am elated and excited by the thought of bringing forth an opportunity to play a significant role in shaping the future both of our local community and communities around the world.

Welcome to a world of excellence - excellence pronounced by standards of institutions worldwide, standards that define what it takes to be the best in education!!

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