Recruiter Speak

  1. I appreciate the professional approach in the placement process at Sanskriti University. The knowledge of long term career objectives among students here deserve a compliment. I believe Sanskriti University students will be valuable assets to our organization.

    Nitin Jaiswal, HR Manager, Eossun Tech Private Limited, Lucknow
  2. We have found students of Sanskriti University to be hardworking and having good knowledge in their respective domain area. We would like to pick up more talent in coming years. The institute is truly inclined towards shaping students to face challenges as per the corporate needs.

    Manish Kumar, Sr. IT Recruiter, Evision Technoserve Private Limited, Delhi
  3. आज एमकेडी बायोफर्टिलाइजर्स की प्लेसमेंट टीम को संस्कृति विश्वविद्यालय में आने का मौका मिला। यहां पर जिस तरह की शिक्षा प्रणाली अपनायी जा रही है उस्की झलक यहां के विद्यार्थियों में देखने को मिली। मैं विश्वविद्यालय की प्रबन्धन टीम को इस्का श्रेय देता हूँ।

    Mr. Gaurav Sharma, HR Manager, MKD Bio-fertilizers
  4. "Our company has been recruiting students from Sanskriti for the last three years. We have found that the students are very sincere, disciplined and competent. Their level of performance matches our expectations. Our team is visiting Sanskriti campus regularly for interaction with the management and the students for updating the Institution/University about recent development in our organization. We find that Sanskriti is one of the best Institution/University of higher learning in Agra-Mathura region."

    Mr. Manoj Sharma, Assistant General Manager (HR), Ginni Filaments, Kosi Kalan
  5. "We have been recruiting students from Sanskriti in very large number since 2014. We find that the students have been groomed very well and they score very high in 'employability' index. We wish to recruit the passing out students of Sanskriti on a regular basis as they match our expectations and there is a system of industry-oriented review that helps the students to perform better in their jobs."

    Mr. B.K Khuntia, Deputy General Manager (Pers. & HR), New Allenberry Works, Faridabad
  6. "We have been regularly recruiting students of Sanskriti from both Management and Engineering streams. We find that the students have been properly educated in terms of the requirement of the industry and performing their jobs to our satisfaction. We are happy to find that Sanskriti is not a theory-oriented Institution/University - it is a place of higher learning with focus on holistic development. We have been regularly attending various corporate meets organized by Sanskriti at its campus at Chhata, Mathura where we interact with the faculty members, the Board of Advisors and the students. Such interaction helps us in knowing about the latest status of teaching-learning process and also giving necessary guidance to the students and faculty members for mutual benefit."

    Mr. Dharmendra Goswami, Managing Director, Lotus Garden Homes (P) Ltd., Vrindavan
  7. "We have been recruiting students of Sanskriti for the last two years (from 2014). We have recruited students of B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) and Biotechnology who have been performing very well. The students are strong in theoretical subjects which is helping us in our Research & Development activities. They are found to be diligent, receptive and skillful. We have been interacting with Sanskriti Institution/University regularly and attending the corporate meets organized by them. We are keen to continue the process of recruitment from Sanskriti in the years to follow."

    Dr. Sarvesh Kaushik, Chief Executive Officer, Shri Krishna Dairy, Raya (Mathura)
  8. "We have recruited B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) students of Sanskriti. They have been posted in various projects under-construction - roadway (including highway), commercial buildings, bridges etc. The feedback about the students of Sanskriti by project in-charges of respective projects has been satisfactory. We have been meeting the management of Sanskriti quite often. We find them keenly interested in providing quality education to the students that can ensure their employability as per the expectations of the organizations / corporate houses.

    Mr. Omprakash, Resident Construction Manager, Simon Tech. (P) Ltd., Kota (Rajasthan)
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