Ignited minds generated high octane spark in the Annual fest ‘Spark – 2018’ at Sanskriti University

Sanskriti University celebrated Annual fest Spark – 2018 with great fanfare and gusto. The event was organized at its campus in Chhata, Mathura on 30th & 31st March, 2018.

It was a student driven program wherein the students themselves decided on the events to be organised, prepared the activity schedules, selected the adjudicators - both external and internal- and most importantly, involved themselves in implementation of the programme. Spark-2018 was very well managed by the students and turned out to be a grand success.

Such technical and cultural fests provide an opportunity to the students to show case their talent and also present their skills of efficiently managing multiple events conducted within a short span of 2 days at different locations within the campus. Satisfactorily conducting such events needs extensive cohesion and efficient networking. The students of the university had shown exemplary skills in managing the events in a well coordinated manner. There were two separate sections – Cultural and Technical - and the student coordinators of different events shouldered their responsibilities in an admirable manner.

There was great excitement among the students-participants and the spectators/audience. Encouragement from the spectators/audience helped in boosting the morale of the participants of different events and lifting their performance to higher levels. Besides the students of the university, students from other universities and institutions also took part in different events. This integration of students from various universities and institutes provided a common platform that helped the participants to perform at their best and exhibit their skills in a very competitive environment.

Presentation of technical papers, debate on contemporary issues, quiz, poster competition, business plans etc. were included in the technical section of the fest. Presentation of the students was of a high quality and deserves mention as they were as competitive as can be found in premier institutions.

Many working models were presented by the students of Diploma & B.Tech. courses. The models were innovative and based on applications in the contemporary world. The students of Medical& Allied Science departments & BAMS courses also presented many interesting models.

The food served at food stalls (managed by the students of hotel management department) was a gourmet's delight. Many delectable dishes were served to the large gathering that appreciated the taste of food.

On the cultural front,

  • Stunning performances by the students in the areas of dances, songs etc. were largely applauded by the audience.
  • Special attraction was the ramp walk of students of Fashion Designing & Garment Technology (FDGT) course. Theme based presentations were decent, colourful and gorgeous. The participants were cheered loudly all along and the spectators were very pleased.

One of the important events of the fest was an interactive session of the students with Mr. Rohit Khandelwal, an actor, model, television personality & winner of Mr India 2015 title who was crowned Mister World in 2016. He is also a Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) speaker at University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES) , Dehra Dun. The students were excited about meeting a reputed star face- to- face and asked many relevant questions on modelling. Mr. Khandelwal replied to all the questions most fittingly.

The major attraction of the evening was the programme of rock band performed by Rock nama, a well known musical group from Delhi that has impressed the youth across the country (specially Northern India). The singers & the musicians enthralled the audience with their sizzling performance. The melodious vocal quality of the singers and rhythmic presentation by the musicians in a well synchronized manner were soothing to the ear. The students swooned to the tune of well orchestrated presentation and responded by tapping their feet to the musical renditions.

Mr. R. Paneerselvem, Principal Director, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Technology Development Centre, Agra graced the occasion and was very pleased to see the technical models made by the students. He is a distinguished technocrat and was instrumental in getting the Centre of Excellence established at Sanskriti University. He is convinced that the center will achieve a standard that will become a bench mark for all such centres.

He is a creative leader who excels under challenging circumstances and succeeds in his endeavours. He has been able to turn around worst performing MSME centre at Agra from a Cost Centre to a Profit Centre .This centre is presently reckoned as one of the best performing centres.

He was felicitated by Mr. Mr. Sachin Gupta, Chancellor of Sanskriti University, for his contribution in the entrepreneurial ventures at Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

While addressing the students after felicitation, he said there is enough scope of employment for the youth of the country provided they have thorough knowledge about operation & application of different types of equipments. He advised the students to focus on the practical aspects of theoretical learning so that they can make effective contribution to the industry and prosper in their career. According to him, the Centre of Excellence at Sanskriti University will definitely assist the students in carrying out simulation exercises of the different conditions encountered in the industry and help in arriving at solutions under varying conditions.

Mr. Sachin Gupta, Chancellor of Sanskriti University, congratulated the students on successful organization of Spark- 2018 and exhibition of their management skills. He said that such occasions provide an opportunity for on – the – job learning and helps in confidence building. He also praised the participants for their wonderful performance & advised them to excel in co-curricular & extra-curricular activities, in addition to academics, for achieving holistic development and attaining high degree of prosperity.

Mr.Rajesh Gupta, Pro Chancellor of Sanskriti University, applauded the efforts of the students in managing such a huge program successfully and said that his blessings will be with the management team of students & the participants for further success in future.

Pof. P.C. Chhabra, Executive Director of Sanskriti University, congratulated the students on their performance and advised them to take their performances seriously and hone their skills regularly for better performance.

Prof.(Dr.) D.Pathak, Vice Chancellor of Sankriti University, expressed his happiness at successful organization of the fest and said that he is sure that annual fests will be of increasingly high quality with the passage of time.

The extravaganza of 2 days–Spark 2018 - came to an end with presentation of prizes to the winners of different events by Mr. Sachin Gupta, Chancellor, Sri Rajesh Gupta, Pro-Chancellor of Sanskriti University & Mr. R. Paneerselvem, Principal Director, MSME. Certificates of appreciation were presented to all participants.

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