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School of Education

Education is the backbone of the society and hence growth/development of the society largely depends upon the quality of education imparted to the people in a systematic method starting at primary level and extending up to higher level.

Education is imparted in schools and colleges for enriching the knowledge of the students. It is the teachers who shape the careers of the students by providing necessary inputs following appropriate methodology. Hence, it is imperative that teachers themselves should possess necessary skills of teaching.

Formal education demands uniformity of the process of teaching in different institutions so that after obtaining degrees, students passing out from different universities/institutions with same (or equivalent) degrees are almost on the same page. The teachers must follow a set standard of teaching set by renowned academicians regarding the process of teaching. This is possible only when the aspiring teachers pursue a course(s) in education recognized by the highest body(ies)established by state/central government for administering and controlling education.

Appreciating the significance of qualified teachers with approved degree in education for efficiently conducting teaching-learning process, Sanskriti University has introduced the following courses in Education:

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
  • B.A. B.Ed. / B.Sc. B.Ed.
  • Basic Training Certificate (B.T.C.)
  • Bachelor in Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.)
  • Mater of Education (M.Ed.)

Programs Offered

Under Graduate Programs
Post Graduate Programs
Doctoral Programs
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