(Approved by CCIM New Delhi, Ministry of AYUSH (GOI) & Govt. of U.P.)

Duration of the Course : -
1st  Professional : 12 Months
2nd Professional : 12 Months
3rd Professional : 12 Months
4th Professional : 18 Months
Compulsory Rotatory Internship : 12 Months
Total : 5 ½ Years 

The Unani medicine system is one of the ancient medication system adopted by the South-Asia and Middle-East countries of the world. This system has originated from the Greek by the great physician "Hippocrates". It is also known as the "Hikmat" or Unani Tibb Medicine. It has 6000 years history.

Unani is the system of alternative medicines. The patients are taken care of by enhancing the natural healing power of the human body. The concept of Unani is that the body rejuvenates itself because of its self healing power. We just need to help it by enhancing the natural healing power.

Unani is based on the principles of four aspects : blood in human body, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. Fire, water, earth and air are the four components of this system. It has greater significance in the treatment and management of diseases like infertility, weight loss, vitiligo, diabetes, kidney stone, etc.

B.U.M.S (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery) is an undergraduate degree programme in the field of Unani medicine and surgery. This degree covers the medical knowledge of the Unani system. To pursue and owe this degree is quite enough to become a doctor (Hakim) in the Unani medical field.

Eligibility :

  • Applicant should have passed Higher Secondary(10+2) or an equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany & Zoology) with an aggregate 50%. marks
  • Applicant should have completed 17 years of age at the time of admission.

Capacity : Number of permitted seats per year is 100

100 Bedded Ayurvedic Hospital - The Institute has its own 100 Beds Hospital in the Campus, with all departments and amnesties3 there in

Subjects under BUMS

1st Professional 2nd Professional 3rd Professional
1.1 Arabic and Mantiq wa Falsifa 2.1 Tareekh-e-Tib 3.1 Communication Skills
1.2 Kulliyat Umoore Tabiya 2.2 Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib 3.2 Ilmul Saidla wa Murakkabat
1.3 Tashreehul Badan 2.3 Ilmul Advia 3.3 Tibbe Qanooni wa Ilmul Samoom
1.4 Munafeul Aaza 2.4 Mahiyatul Amraz 3.4 Sareeriyat wa Usoole Ilaj
    3.5 Ilaj Bit Tadbeer
    3.6 Amraz-e-Atfal

Faculty :

At, Sanskriti unani medical college and hospital, all teaching activities are run under supervision of qualified and experienced faculty along with eminent guest faculty.

Faculty name Desingation
Dr.(Prof.)  Mohd.Javed Principal (Superintendent)
1-Dr.Athar Iqbal (Prof.)
2-Dr.Mohd. Ateeq Uz Zaman (Reader)
3-Dr.Shamima (Lecturer)
Dept.-Munafeul-Aza (Physiology)
Dr. Abdur Raheem (Prof.)
Dr. Shaikh Mudassar Nazar Abdul Nabi (Reader)
Dr. Syed Rashid Ali (Lecturer)
Dept.- Tashreeul Baden (Anatomy)
Dr. Mohd. Arif Ansari (Reader)
Dr. Danish Imran (Lecturer)
Dept. – Kulliyat (Basic Principle)
Mohd. Zainul Haq (Lecturer) Dept. Of Landuage (Arabic)