The University gives an opportunity to students to enhance their knowledge beyond their field of studies within a multicultural environment.
I just like the friendly atmosphere here and fact that the teachers are really close to the students.
I got the world class exposure be it sports or studies.
The environment, the infrastructure and the syllabus provided by the Sanskriti University is excellent
The University aims at enhancing our knowledge, skills and aptitude. They opened the doors for our personal and professional development.
The projects and presentation have not just improved my knowledge but my confidence as well.
I had a very good experience with the faculty members. They taught me not just to learn but to explore.
Sanskriti University teachers teach students in a very creative manner and encourage the students to think out of box.
If you want to discover yourself, the campus is full of limitless opportunities.
The University has built our courage and sense to be in the corporate world.
(B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology - 1st Year) - Ghana, Africa
Being Part of this noble University is more than a blessing to me. The teachers are very devoted and with a high level of qualification standard. Also the school is very advanced in terms of modern technology. I have seen all the necessary requirement which makes teaching and learning very efficient in the school. Sanskriti University has a suitable and comfortable compound which makes education desirable. I feel very comfortable and at home anytime in campus and in hostel. Long live India Long Live Sanskriti University
(Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology - 1st Year) - Ghana, Africa
Studying in Sanskriti University has been a great experience. Before arriving in India, I was having doubts and was wondering if I have made the right choice or not.
But for the little time that I have spent here, I am convinced that it was the right decision to come to Sanskrii University. Being the first African male to start school here is some kind of proud moment for me personally.
Sanskriti's priority on discipline and personality development was exactly what I needed. They have great faculty members who are very diligent. I am very glad to join the Sanskriti University family.
(Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology - 1st Year)Ghana, Africa
I have been in the college for some time now and from my experience till now, I can say that college is supreme and maintains discipline at all levels.
I strongly believe that if the college continues with its good work from Admission cell to the Academic, Sanskriti University will be amongst the top Universities in India in coming days.
(Bachelor of Physiotherapy - 1st Year) - Ghana, Africa
Life has been good since my arrival at Sanskriti. All the faculty members are very much approachable. I feel at home always whenever in campus or in hostel. I got an opportunity to make Indian friends in no time.
Though it is barely about a month since I have arrived, I strongly believe there will be more and more opportunities for me to grow.