It was a great time we spent in Sanskriti University. Sanskriti University has very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative and campus environment is very positive. Training and placement department continuously providing assistance regarding the placement.

Asst. Professor - Education

I am faculty of Sanskriti University in the department of Electronics & Communication Engineering. It has a great experience overall in Sanskriti University. We have a great panel of faculty members.

Asst. Professor - Life Skill

The relationship between the management and faculty members are very cordial. It helps us to excel in the areas of our interest. Sanskriti University is indeed beyond boundaries. Skills of all are developed and dreams are realized. Loved to be a part of it.

HOD Mathematics

Sanskriti University is doing a Great job. It is up to date to the current requirements of the scenario. Being part of it is a blessing. Everyone is willing and available to help at any time. The colleagues help us out in every way.


It is an amazing experience with Sanskriti University. It is one of the best university. There is good coordination between management and staff. I have explored different dimensions of teaching here.

Asso. Professor - Education

I am one of the newest members of the Sanskriti family. Story of Sanskriti University is inspiring as in such a short duration of time, this University has achieved great success and is striving to go higher. I am happy to be a part of this prestigious Institution.

Asst. Professor - Mathematics

The variety of courses offered by Sanskriti is impressive and a boon for the students. It gives students a chance to fulfill their dreams and aspirations without compromising on their career choices.

Asst. Professor - Biotech

It is a great privilege for me to be part of the Sanskriti University. I strongly believe that the philosophy and the aims of the Sanskriti University are really new in the teaching scenario, and I especially enjoy in the great interaction with the students. I can say that we always learn from them, and receive insights on how we should improve and towards where we should direct our teaching effort, as mentors. Moreover SU is always expanding with new ideas and educational opportunities.

Asst. Professor - Management

I am very pleased to be the part of the faculty and I particularly enjoyed interacting with young students from many geographical locations.

I have chosen to be part of Sanskriti University because I am interested to promote a different kind of classroom, a different kind of educational approach. I believe the children can be the main participants in class, the ones who discover the knowledge, while the teachers channel their efforts in the right direction.

Asso. Professor – Education

The part I love most about Sanskriti University is seeing children smile when they go home and hearing them say "Today was an awesome day!" or "I love this University!", without being prompted to say it. Students do not lie when it comes to these things, they either like you or they don't.

I have experienced progressive growth of the university which is very encouraging. The laboratories have been set-up with modern equipments and facilities. The instructors are experienced and competent. The management is inter-active, supportive and keen to implement any suggestion meant for improvement of quality of education. Already Sanskriti University has appointed adequate number of faculty members at various levels after a series of interviews conducted by experts from different areas of specialization. The team of faculty members at Mechanical Engineering department is experienced in both academics and industry, qualified, competent and dedicated. The teaching environment is conducive for higher education with ample facilities for research activities. The library has rich collection of books on Mechanical Engineering written by reputed national / international authors.

Head of Department - Chemistry

I am enjoying teaching at Sanskriti. The students are receptive and disciplined.I am enjoying teaching at Sanskriti University. The students are receptive and disciplined. The chemistry laboratory is well-designed and well-constructed with all materials / equipments required ( for conducting experiments) available in the lab. Enough space is provided to each student for conducting experiments independently.

The lab technicians are experienced, qualified and competent for providing instructions to the students. Seminars and guest lectures on different topics of Chemistry are organized regularly for enrichment of knowledge of the students. The management is supportive and ready to implement any suggestion made for the students benefit. Care is taken for safety of the girl students studying in the university.

Head of Department –Civil Engineering

I am satisfied with the supportive nature of the management which is providing necessary assistance in implementation of suggestions related to teaching practices, use of teaching aids, improvement oflaboratories etc. The library is well-stocked with books, journals and articles related to civil engineering course. Also seminars, guest lectures, industrial visits etc. are part of the academic calendar at SanskritiUniversity.

HOD - Computer Science

With M.Tech degree backed by experience in the industry for more than 10 years, I find the set up of the labs and class rooms at Sanskriti very satisfactory. The faculty members of the department are well qualified, competent and dedicated. The lab is well designed and properly arranged to accommodate around 500 systems in immediately adjacent sub-labs. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled (including the hostels) with around 20 mbps capacity of internet connectivity. Books and journals of CS department are contemporary and authored by reputed National/International professors. The entire CS department is air-conditioned. I am happy with all facilities provided by the management and would like to continue at Sanskriti for a long time.

Head of Department - Management

The faculty members at Sanskriti School of Management have groomed the students very well through their dedicated efforts and the students have done reasonably well in examinations. The students have been placed in reputed organizations in different sectors of the industry. Entrepreneurship Development is a thrust area of the management. The syllabus at Sanskriti University has been well-designed. The teaching-learning process involves explanation of the management concepts through relevant case studies. I am enjoying the overall environment which is favorable for high quality learning.

HOD - Hotel Management

I have being working at Sanskriti for the last 5 years and I am happy with the facilities provided by the management in conducting the practical and theoretical classes for grooming the students to become a complete Hotelier who can be employed in Five star hotels pan India. Time tables of theoretical and practical classes have been designed for coverage of syllabi and als for value addition in terms of gaining knowledge in co-curricular activities related to Hotel Management. We have received feed back from different stars hotels about our alumni which is very encouraging. The employers are happy with performance of sincere and competent alumni.