M. Sc. Forensic Science

Duration -

2 Years

Eligibility Criteria
B.Sc. Forensic Science, B.Sc. with Chemistry as one of the major subjects for all the three years and any two of the following subjects: Anthropology/ Bio-chemistry/ Biotechnology/ Botany/ Genetics/ Mathematics/ Physics/ Statistics/ Zoology/ B.Pharm./ BDS/ MBBS.
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Semester Fee -


The post graduate programme in Forensic Science has an innovative curriculum that enables students to garner hands-on training in crime scene investigation techniques and laboratory methodologies. This programme is designed to provide extensive training in the contemporary techniques being employed in forensic science laboratories around the world.

Students are taught by experienced academics and practitioners holding decades of experience. Students get an opportunity to work alongside renowned academics who are striving to advance forensic techniques.

They also learn about the labours involved in providing impartial evidence during criminal investigations, right from the crime scene to laboratory and, finally, to the courtroom.

The objective of the programme is to develop Forensic Science skills in students and equipping them to serve as qualified forensic scientists, consultants/advisers in a variety of crime scenes and even security and policy experts. The aim is to encourage lifelong learning in this field that helps in advancing Forensic Science technology at a national and global level.

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