Braj has high potential for Tourism and Religious Tourism
Sanskriti University organized various programmes on World Tourism Day

School of Tourism & Hospitality celebrates world tourism day 2018

Mathura. The opportunities in tourism sector are increasing at an exponential rate in the Braj Region. “The diversity of the region including heritage sites, wild life, religious locations, various types of foods and dishes are special dimensions which can give a catalytic boost to the travel and tourism Industry in the region.It is imperative to customize the facilities according to the requirements and expectations of the tourists.” These thoughts were shared by Mr. Ratnesh Sahay, General Manager of Nidhivan Sarovar which is part of international chain of hotels.

He also said that success cannot be achieved with half-hearted attempts. Entrepreneurial approach, attitude, behavior and temperament are important aspects which can make a small business big. He motivated the students by giving various examples of successful entrepreneurs from Mumbai and nearby region who achieved commendable success after making small and humble beginning. He inspired the students by sharing the story of the Dabba Walas and Namkeen Shop of Neela Mehta and many other enterprising entrepreneurs.

School of Tourism & Hospitality celebrates world tourism day 2018

Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Abhay Kumar shared his views on this occasion and said that the tourism in India is increasing and so is the rate of growth in internal tourism in the country. The youngsters of the Braj region can work in the domain of travel and tourism to bring laurels to themselves as an individual, their family and also to the entire Braj Region. This can also become a source of earning money which can later become a source of livelihood for the youngsters of the region.

Dean Dr. Kalyan Kumar said that Travel and Tourism is a sector with immense opportunities. We have excellent environmental and climatic conditions in this region to leverage the opportunities. The region is full of diversities of varied nature and hence offers multiple opportunities in the travel and tourism sector.

School of Tourism & Hospitality celebrates world tourism day 2018

He said that professionals should come together with a positive bent of mind and shall implement their plans to achieve the envisioned goals and objectives. The Guest was felicitated by the University Officials by a Special Memento in recognition of the contributions made by them. Mr. Piyush Jha extended vote of thanks at the end of the event. Madam Neha from Sarovar Group was also felicitated by the University officials.

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