Sanskriti University devoted to the cause of Women Empowerment

Sanskriti University devoted to the cause of Women Empowerment

Founders of Sanskriti University have a modern outlook towards issues like gender equality and corporate bias prevalent in the society. In order to fully contribute to the cause of women empowerment, the following initiatives have been taken by them in their business ventures.

  • Scholarships and grants: to ensure that parents are able to boldly send their girl wards to university for higher education, a special grant has been operational since 2016 exclusively for girl candidates applying to Sanskriti University. The girl students are given a special discount too with an objective of encouraging technical education among girl students. As of 2018, 1513 girl students have received the grant from Sanskriti University. As a result, the university has been able to maintain a commendable gender ratio of 30% among the student population.
  • Digital education initiative: The University has an ongoing program dedicated to promoting computer education among rural women. The girls and women are brought to the campus using the college transport fleet and dropped back at home at the end of the day. The objective is to ensure that rural women are able to use modern devices such as smartphones, internet, ATMs, service kiosks etc. Some of them go a step further to learn MS windows, Ubuntu and Linux.
  • Advanced digital education initiative: The University has provided training to all students, including a large number of girl students, about the latest concepts related to digitalization such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics and Automation. The Robotics & Automation Lab run in collaboration with MSME provides a great turf for such initiatives.
  • Safety initiatives: to ensure that safe travel is available to girl students to and from the campus, the transport fee has been waived off for all girl students in order to encourage them to board college buses which are safe and comfortable.
  • Assurance of harassment-free and ragging-free environment: The administration ensures that a zero-tolerance policy is observed against ragging and harassment in any form in general and to women employees/students, in particular.
  • Sanitation drives: As a token of care and to promote the use of sanitary napkins among girl child, the university started keeping sanitary napkins in she-toilets starting from of Women’s day in 2018.
  • Equity in recruitment: Sanskriti University is an equal opportunity employer. The university endeavours to provide equal employment opportunities which is evident from the fact that more than 50% of Sanskriti's faculty is female.
  • The university has planned to provide crèche facility in the campus itself to ensure that the female employees do not feel any kind of insecurity regarding their wards at the workplace. The female employees are encouraged to become computer literate. Further, to create a lasting impact on the lives of women, a pilot project for computer education of girl-children of two villages has been envisioned. The objective is to give girls an edge and a head-start into computers enabling them to pursue higher education. Based on acceptance level and overall success of the pilot, a large scale digital education initiative is planned to be executed by 2020.

The university is proud of the fact that its top leadership includes women academicians and administrators – important leadership positions such as “Officer on Special Duty” and “Deputy Registrar” are both able female professionals working hand-in-hand with their male counterparts.

Most of all, Sanskriti University proudly supports the career development and leadership skills of female professionals by delivering a blend of practical knowledge and top academic instruction to all its students, including the girl population. This is expected to empower women to acquire an education and build a career.

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