Sanskriti University will be organizing Annual Fest Spark-2018

Spark 2018

Sanskriti University will be organizing Annual Fest Spark 2018 on 30th and 31st March, 2018 at its campus at Chhata, Mathura.

This is a regular annual event and is celebrated by the students with great enthusiasm. Basically it is a student driven programme in which they take initiative in planning different events and also take responsibility of implementation.

Several events to be included in the fest will cover participation by the entire spectrum of courses being offered by Sanskriti University. Every student will have the opportunity of showcasing his/her talent in specific areas of interest. Cultural as well as technical events will be held during the two days ear marked in the academic calendar. Competitions in different events are scheduled to be held in which the students of the university & students from other academic institutions will be taking part and external experts will be the adjudicators of the performances.

This fest will provide an opportunity to the students to present their leadership and organizing skills as they will be required to perform as a team and involve in coordinating, managing and interacting with fellow students for effective implementation.

The idea behind organizing such fest is to bring together the students of different streams coming from different backgrounds to one platform with the objective of efficiently organizing the activities with common goal of making the fest a grand success. It also involves unleashing of hidden talent, convincing power, logical thinking and building relationship.

The participants will have the chance to develop their personality that will enhance their employability. It (the fest) will also provide the scope to the students to learn about management of large scale gatherings, make new friends, socializing and getting involved in organizing administrative activities. Participation in such events will boost the confidence of the students and help them in performing well in their professional life.

In the technical and management part of the fest, there will be presentation of papers, debates on contemporary issues, quiz, poster presentation, business plan, extempore speeches on contemporary issues etc. There will be exhibition of models designed and developed by students of different departments of Sanskriti University; a food court managed by students of Hotel Management course; a fashion show by students of fashion designing dept. etc.

Students have already started preparing in their respective areas/departments for participation in the events.

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