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Dalai Lama Blessed The Students Of Sanskriti University

Dalai Lama Blessed The Students Of Sanskriti University

On 20th March, 2017, the students of Sanskriti University got an opportunity to meet and interact with Tibetan Spiritual Guru, Hon’ble Shri Dalai Lama. It was a dream come true moment for the students of Sanskriti University when they visited Ramanreti Aashram of Guru Sharnanand ji at Gokul, Mathura.

It was very pious and emotional meeting of North-East students of Nepal, Bhutan and other regions with their temporal head and Spiritual Guru.

Shri Dalai Lama interacted with students and asked about their well-being and answered their queries. He advised the students that for achieving the mission and vision of their life, student days are a golden period. He motivated them for global peace, friendship and compassion. He asked them to work whole-heartedly for the protection of environment and create eco-friendly world.

Dr. Subodh Dubey, Director (Holistic Development) also asked several questions to Shri Dalai Lama, which were very well answered by him.

He asked, whether the tradition of reincarnation of Dalai Lama continue in future. His Holiness answered that it will depend upon Tibetan people. At the same time it is very difficult to say about this because Chinese do not believe in rebirth or reincarnation. On asking the possibility of birth of female Dalai Lama in future, he said that in the present changing world scenario, Female Dalai Lama will be more suitable.

The session ended with the blessings of Shri Dalai Lama.