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Activities of Road Show

Activities of Road Show

Tourism is one of the largest & fastest growing industries in the world in terms of its economic contribution & value .Looking at its economic as well as other benefit United Nations has accredited it as one of the key instrument to managing global economic crisis as well as international brotherhood & peace. The World Tourism Day is celebrated globally on the 27th of September each year under the guidance of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). UNWTO under its General Assembly meeting nominate a particular tourism economy to host this grand occasion as the Official Host & offer it to organize & celebrate this occasion based on a theme. The main philosophy behind in celebrations of this occasion is to create an awareness & know how among the public about the importance & value of tourism towards the world as well as it works as a torchlight for future development & as a part of this highly valuable industry,  The School of Tourism & Hospitality, Sanskriti University, Chhata, Mathura, UP has also organized  a Road Show on that eve.

Objectives of involvement, organization & celebration:

The principle objective of such celebration from the part of School of Tourism & Hospitality, Sanskriti University was to make the public aware about the existence of School of tourism & hospitality & its contribution & role towards the academic as well as non-academic world  as a premier institution & organization dealing with the growth of tourism & hospitality industry as well as producing quality & skilled, employable & industry ready human recourses. The detail of the Road Show & related Program has been outline below:

Reporting & gathering:

All the participants of the Road Show’s had been asked to gather & report at the Department of Hotel Management at 9.00 am. After the arrival of the participants all were offered Badge-Shirt & Cap’s inscribed the Logo of UNWTO & Sanskriti University & message on the World Tourism Day celebration.

Proceeding to Mathura For Road Show:

In order to participate in road show the University Bus was arranged & at 10 am, the bus carrying all the participants proceeded towards Mathura. At 10.50 am, all reached at Goverdhan Chouraha (near Vishal Mega mart), Krishnanagar, Mathura from where the program started & proceeded to New Bus Stand via Bhuteswar Chourah & BSA College.

Ornamentation & Organization of Road Shows:

The total program was organized & celebrated based on a unique theme in which few of the participants had been costumed & ornamented based  some cultural heritage of India as well as outside namely Panjabi, Bengali, Bhutanese & Muslimism  while rest of the participants were in designated uniforms designed for that occasion.

Participants holding banner of World Tourism Day


Message & Information towards Public:

Participants standing in front carried Banner inscribed The Logo of World Tourism Day & its Theme. While few were holding Placards delivering message regarding the value & important of Tourism towards an economy as well as for the world.

Participants holding placards inscribed message on value of tourism


Activities & involvement in showcasing & promotion of Institution:

In order to promote & showcase the School as a premier institution & organ, during the possession media coverage has also been conducted. A number of Premier media firms reported their & took coverage of the whole road show while at the end of the shows a special coverage being conducted by Etv Pvt. Ltd where HOD,School of Tourism & Hospitality & students delivered some valuable message relating to such occasion as well as on  the role of this School towards the promotion & development of tourism industry directly & indirectly through producing quality human recourses as well as in terms of awareness generation about tourism & its  developments.   A numbers of key issues have been raised like the existence of the department of Tourism & Hospitality of Sanskriti University as well as its role towards the promotion & development of tourism, what role being taken by the department, towards the production of quality education as well as how it works for the promotion of tourism & hospitality industry as well?  What best could be done towards the development both locally as well as at the global level as a whole has also being  raised?. The necessity of the role of local, national & international bodies , their involvement & integration have also been discussed & a resolution was being taken for that all the organization connected with this vast industry directly or indirectly should be integrated in near future.

Photo session taken by Media People at the New Bus Stands.



It has been taken into consideration that if in future the holistic support from the part of various entities & supporting organization & bodies received specially the Central & State Government & Tourism  Ministries , such an occasion & celebration could be organized in a wider perspective & it would seems to be a great opportunity to showcase the School of Tourism & Hospitality, Sanskriti University, Chhata, Mathura, UP not only within India but even abroad too.

Vote of Thanks:

We, on behalf of the whole School of Tourism & hospitality, would like to pay our homage to all who, specially, Honorable Chairman Sir, Vice Chancellor, Executive Director Sir, CAO Sir & his team, Media ,students  have debarred their heartiest support towards making this occasion a grand success.