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Second Orientation Programme for 1st Year Students 23 August 2016

Second Orientation Programme for 1st Year Students 23 August 2016

On the onset of Academic Year 2016-17, Sanskriti organized an Orientation Programme for the First Year students of Diploma Courses – Civil, Mechanical (Production/Auto), Electrical, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Architectural Assistantship, Fashion Designing & Garment Technology and of Applied Science on 23 August 2016 to provide a platform for active interaction among students and teaching faculties aiming “Integrating Self with Organization” so that they take-off fully motivated and prepared in right mode and direction with their studies.

The programme was conducted as follows -:

Shri Prabhakar Tripathi, Registrar explained important Policies & Procedures on various aspects like admission, documentation, fee deposit, scholarship, attendance and examination related process etc. Thereafter Brig (Retd). R.K. Gupta Director (HR & Admin) highlighted the requirement of Good conduct and behavior in the institution premises and even outside. He impressed upon them as to how to lead a quality life while being students so that subsequently they become important facets in the society. Dr. I.K. Pandey Director (Polytechnic) apprised about the Academic Programmes and Expectations from them.

After the initial exposure as mentioned above, Dr. S.P. Mishra, Vice-Chancellor explained Basic philosophy, focus and expectations of the organization. He also emphasized that all students should concentrate on their studies and practical training to achieve best results in order to begin their career on strong foothold.

Shri P.C. Chhabra Executive Director briefly explained the historical background of the Organization with its continuous and unique achievements. While he assured high quality of education to the students, he clarified his expectations from them regarding 100 % attendance and assurance of their good conduct and behaviour.

On this occasion of vital importance, Sanskriti thought and organized a MOTIVATIONAL TALK for the benefit of all especially the students. In order to achieve this noble objective Sanskriti selected and invited a well known personality Dr. Ashok Kumar–Founder Vice Chancellor of the AKS University, Satna, (Madhya Pradesh). He is Biomedical Scientist who earned his Ph.D from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Dr. Kumar has done post doctoral research at the University of Calgary, Canada and Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. He also served as a faculty at the Harvard Medical School, Boston before returning to India in 1993, He has served at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay. He has been founder Dean of the Institute of Biomedical Education & Research at the Mangalayatan University, Aligarh. He served at a number of private and public sector corporations in India at top management position. He has been working in the field of botanical drug discovery for past the 20 years and has successfully developed formulations for curative treatment of a variety of chronic inflammatory diseases.

On this occasion, Prof. Ashok kumar graced the Sanskriti Institution by coming with his wife Dr. Preeti Kumar.

Shri P.C. Chhabra Executive Director presented the bouquet to Prof. Ashok Kumar and invited him to address and talk to the audience.

Prof. Ashok Kumar began his motivational talk with the narration of his own life starting from a close-by village school to Aligarh Muslim University, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA as a Visiting Professor during 2010-2012. He is Founder Vice Chancellor of the AKS University, Satna, (Madhya Pradesh) aiming and presenting that my own life is a Lesson, which could be of all of you too.

He strongly emphasized that we should become and be Insaan first (Human-being with Feelings and Values i.e. humanity and concern to other persons) and anything else thereafter. Interestingly, there is no competition in this field and therefore, there is a lot of scope – indefinite scope in Length, Width, Depth and Height. He further stressed that we must have significant humanity in our heart and more so in practice – with Society around us.

He made his talk impressive by explaining the following Quotes :-

My life is my message”. by M.K. Gandhi (1869 - 1948).

Let my life be my Example”. by Albert Schweitzer (1875- 1965) – NOBEL PEACE PRICE AWARDEE (1952).

The more I learn, more I realize, how much I don’t know”. Albert Einstein.

Let us see in ourselves – we would find that our Heart is a Temple and GOD is there – we are confident that we know it. If so, why go else where to find Him.

He concluded his talk saying - if we recognize this reality of God’s presence in our Heart, we all shall be Happy and Good Human-beings – leading this society, country and the world – as worth-living and worth-loving.

Motivational talk by Prof. Ashok Kumar was highly appreciated and applauded by all-which was evident from the clapping sound in the Seminar Hall.

After an impressive motivational interaction Shri P.C. Chhabra Executive Director and Dr. S.P Mishra Vice Chancellor thanked the distinguished Speaker and presented the memento to Prof. Ashok Kumar and his wife Dr. Preeti Kumar.

Considering the enhanced confidence and motivational change among students and teaching faculties, Sanskriti plans to organize such useful talks by eminent personalities to share their learning and experience for the overall benefit of its students and teaching faculties.