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First Orientation Programme for First Year Students 22 August 2016

First Orientation Programme for First Year Students 22 August 2016

On the onset of Academic Year 2016-17, Sanskriti organized an Orientation Programme for the First Year students of B.Tech, B.B.A., M.B.A., Diploma in Hotel Management, B.Sc.(Hotel Management) and Diploma in Homeo-pharmacy on 22 August 2016. to provide a platform for active interaction between students and teaching faculties aiming “Integrating Self with Organization” so that they take-off fully motivated and prepared in right mode and direction with their studies.

The programme was conducted as follows -:

Shri Prabhakar Tripathi, Registrar explained important Policies & Procedures on various aspects like admission, documentation, fee deposit, scholarship, attendance and examination related process etc. Thereafter Brig (Retd). R.K. Gupta Director (HR & Admin) highlighted the requirement of Good conduct and behavior in the institution premises and even outside. He impressed upon them as to how to lead a quality life while being students so that subsequently they become important facets in the society. Prof. S.C. Gupta, Dean apprised them about the Academic Programmes and expectations from them.

After the initial exposure as mentioned above, Dr. S.P. Mishra, Vice-Chancellor explained Basic philosophy, focus and expectations of the organization. He also emphasized that all students should concentrate on their studies and practical training to achieve best results in order to begin their career on strong foothold.

Shri P.C. Chhabra Executive Director briefly explained the historical background of the Organization with its continuous and unique achievements. While he assured high quality of education to the students, he clarified his expectations from them regarding attendance and conduct.

On this occasion of vital importance, Sanskriti thought and organized a MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH for the benefit of all especially for the students. In order to achieve this noble objective Sanskriti selected and invited a well known personality Ms Ruchi Rai –a fine arts person who has not only trained in the same but is also very creative by Nature and truly believe that Creativity with Enthusiasm is the Secret of being Young. She is an Ambassador of Art of Living and successfully runs a Centre. An aura reader and a Satvik food nutritionist, was featured on an 18 episode program on Zee Tv.

Shri P.C. Chhabra Executive Director presented the bouquet to Ms. Ruchi Rai and invited her to address and talk to the audience.

She too emphasized on attendance of students, various facets of culture and behavior. She in a very pleasant manner demonstrated UNITY – with its Strength and Value, which was highly appreciated. She also explained that pleasure and sorrows are part of life and are like two sides of a coin. Therefore, one should always smile.

She gave the mantra:-

It is not who you are that is important

It is what you do and how you do

That decides who you are”

Motivational talk by Ms. Ruchi Rai was highly appreciated and applauded by all-which was evident from the clapping sound in the Seminar Hall.

Considering the enhanced confidence and motivational change among students and teaching faculties, Sanskriti plans to organize such useful talks by eminent personalities to share their learning and experience for the overall benefit of its students.

Shri P.C. Chhabra Executive Director and Dr. S.P Mishra Vice Chancellor presented the memento to Ms Ruchi Rai, the distinguished Speaker of the day.