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    SEEE 2017

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Chancellor Message

Dr. C.L. Kundu

Sanskriti University, (Vice Chancellor's Message)

I would like to extend a hearty welcome to the students joining Sanskriti University and congratulate them for having taken a matured and well thought-out decision of joining the University having its campus located at Chhata, Mathura.

We, at Sanskriti University, firmly believe in providing higher education of high qualityto the studentsthat satisfies them and also serves the purpose of contributing towards the growth of intellectual capital of the country. In this era of globalization, there are enormous opportunities and intense competition. In this dynamic and evolving global business environment, education has to be contemporary, flexible and should match the demands of the industry that is changing continuously. The responsibility of the university is to groom the students with necessary inputs fromdifferent perspectives so that the extent of the knowledge acquired by the students has a vast expanse. The learning process should be all pervasive and include various facets that can be well-integrated to provide a package of values that a student can deliver throughout his/her professional career for the prosperity of himself/herself and for the nation as well.

With the change of time, the society has evolved to the extent that education is no more confined to the traditional courses. Sanskriti University is offering new courses in different fields that allowsthe students to make a choice from a larger set of courses that corresponds to the interest and aptitude of individual students. The choice of the appropriate course from a wide range helps in improving the efficiency and performance and thereby helps the society at large. The university provides this opportunity as it offers multi-disciplinary multi-choice options. Induction of courses and development of syllabi is planned with all seriousness to provide‘strategic fit’ for the students.

A private university has the opportunity to design courses, develop curriculum, update pedagogies on continuous basis and take other steps which can assist in spreading higher education in different fields according to the demands of the society. In a rapidly changing type of demand actuated by technological development, every university faces challenges both nationally and internationally. The only way to meet stiff challenges successfully is to focus on quality of education in diverse courses.

The ‘triad’ of teachers, students and infra-structure is the most important composition of any institution, particularly for institutes of higher learning. To satisfactorily meet this requirement, we have appointed faculty members with impressive credentials; we have maintained stringent admission process for students in terms of academic performance and potential and we have alsobuilt our infra-structure with state-of-the-art laboratories and other facilities so that the students can avail all opportunities for seamless access to learning in its quest for academic excellence.

There are many courses for which there is no large scale demand but the limited number ofstudents desirous of pursuing such courses are serious and have natural aptitude. We are pleased to inform the readers that our university has taken this aspect seriously and introduced non-traditional courses in arts, science, commerce and other streams which are rarely offered by other universities. For any aspiring student we provide different courses on a platter so that at the end of the day the student goes back satisfied that he/she finally has access to the course he/she cherishes the most.


Former Vice Chancellor, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla

Advisor Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi

Chairman, Educational Panel, University Grants Commission

Chairman, Assessment & Accreditation, Rehabilitation Council of India

Director, Academic Staff College, Kurukshetra University

Head & Dean, Department of Education, Kurukshetra University

Founder Director, Department of Special Education, Kurukshetra University

Principal, University College of Education, Kurukshetra

National Professor of Education, University Grants Commission


Human Rights Action Award

Nehru Literacy Award

ICON Rehabilitation Award

Fulbright Award (USA)

IECVI Award (Malaysia)

Michigan (USA) Award

North Western University (USA) Award

University of Jerusalem Award (Israel)

Al-Azhar University, Cairo (Egypt) Award

University of Cincinnati (USA) Award

Humphery Award (USA)

Adelaide University (Australia) Award)